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Tegsoft Academy came into operation in 2015, after 2 years of preperation with the aim of giving TEGSOFT products’ trainings professionally and in accordance with training-standards. As most of us know, everybody’s learning style may be different from another. Meanwhile, some learn visually, others may learn and keep things in their mind by hearing or writing.

As every individual has their own learning style, corporations have their own learning style, too.

When professional adults start learning, they bring their wide range personal experiences and attitude along with them. To change behaviours, opportunities should be provided to individuals in order them to apply new skills and knowledge in class environment.

In other words, learning enviroments should be created to provide people a chance to practice. This will increase the sill of retention and practice on work. Actualising knowledge in riskless enviroments, provides opportunity for professionals to see how new ideas can work.

E- learning concept is a learning process which generated from using modern communication and internet technologies that provides people to learn anywhere and in anytime.

We have moved our training contents that prepared by Tegsoft Academy ,to electronic environment by converting them into e-learning materials with the aim of presenting you more effective learning process. These e-learning materials were prepared by considering significant methods and techniques that used in adult learning.

While preparing this learning set, everything that user will need during the use of the tool, is given as both e-learning materials and learning support materials.

You can use below links to reach learning sets that will increase your command of the tool you are using. We wish you good luck on your learning process.

Supervisor Training

Supervisor Trainings

Müşteri Temsilcisi Eğitimleri

Agents Trainings

Teknik Eğitimler

Technical Trainings

Yazılım Geliştirme Eğitimleri

Software Development Trainings

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